Why Rent With Us?

  • We are trying to make life better every day. What matter to you matter to us. We pay attention, admire and act. The Customer Commitment is our promise to deliver following services with great love and care.

Who are we?

  •  We are vehicle rental company with the main aim to provide safe, accessible, courteous, hygienic, informative and reliable 24 hour vehicle service.

Is there any option to choose vehicles?

  • Of course, you have many options for choosing clean, safe and reliable brands of Vehicles.

Is car insurance included in the leasing price?

  • Yes, our vehicles as well as our passengers are fully insured so you don’t need to worry.

Does MVS Pvt. Ltd provide its services 24/7?

  • Yes, we provide service all day long and there won’t be disturbance even if there is holiday.

Can I drive the car myself?

  • Unfortunately you cannot drive yourself, but we provide friendly, well trained and punctual Drivers so there won’t be any kind of problem for your visit.

Do any special terms or conditions apply to my rental?

  • No, the booking and payment system is very easy and there will be fewer formalities for your convenience.

What types of vehicles do you offer?

  • We provide branded and well conditioned vehicle to our customers. One can choose from Car, SUV, fwd Jeep, Van, Jumbo Hiace, Coaster and Bus.

What are the processes I have to go through to book the vehicle for my next trip?

  • Fortunately, we have minimal formalities and paperwork, we provide hassle free service to our customers. Bookings can be made online through our website, email, Facebook page and Instagram page or you can directly call-us to place the booking.

Are the vehicles clean and well-maintained?

  • Indeed! our vehicles are SUPER CLEAN and very well maintained.

What are the rates you work with?

I want to know the rental charge/rate for my next trip ,are there any means I can do that ?

  • Yes, we have included all the details in our website itself so you can just search the tariff and NTVA rate list page and estimate the rate yourself however we recommend that you confirm the rate with us through Facebook, email, phone call or Instagram. Also, There is “Estimate price” button in our website, you can enter your details and get the price estimation right away! Please note that the rate might differ so please do verify with us first, we provide you the complete rate (with breakdowns) for your provided itinerary.

If anything happens to the vehicle in the middle of the trip, how will the company cope with the situation?

  • God forbid, our vehicles are well-maintained still under difficult situation we assure you that we will send our next vehicle right away to you.\

What if I want to visit more places than I provided/booked for?

  • Yes you can, but it is better to inform us beforehand, also extra charges will be charged accordingly.

Where are your locations?

  • Bulbule, Chabahil, Kathmandu
  • Contact No. : +977 1 4488844/4489955/4489966/4489977

If you have more questions feel free to clear your doubts with us. You can message through our social media pages, email us , directly phone call us or fill out the Enquiry Form below. We will be more than happy to help you.

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