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    We provide a variety of luxury car brands and aspire to be the finest luxury vehicle rental company in Nepal. Luxury cars are appropriate for travel, whether on a long or short trip. You will have multiple choices in the Premium Car category.


    Drive more sustainably and lessen your travel-related environmental impact by renting an electric vehicle. Make a reservation today.


    Our SUVs provide lots of versatility in power, cargo space, and seating arrangements. We are certain to have the perfect SUV for your requirements.


    Sedan 3 seater. Luxury vehicles typically represent the leading edge of comfort, performance, safety, and technology, and a good luxury car has an innate quality that goes beyond leather cushion and threshold.For the safety and comfort of our corporate and leisure customers, we can provide city car to high luxury car to provide maximum of comfort and privacy depending on your visit

    EV Van

    EV Van 5 seater. We offer a wide range of 5-seater carriers and vans for hire in Nepal. There will be Plenty of space for passengers and luggage and it is really ideal for families and large groups.A spacious interior provides additional comfort for all passengers and it provides you the best experience of your travel.


    Hiace (jumbo) 14 Seater. We can provide fourteen seater hiace van with incredible interior space that will be awesome for families, large groups, people with additional luggage or people who simply enjoy the extra space on long drives. Front passenger and driver seats also feature slide adjustments as well as offering ample head, leg, shoulder, and hip room. What’s more, the fifth row of seats folds up, giving you extra luggage space at the rear.


    Coaster 22 Seater. We have 22 seater coaster features air conditioning with clean air filter. If you prefer better visibility of the road ahead, you will benefit from the higher seating position people carriers provide. The higher seating position is also an advantage for parents and people with additional luggage when lifting children and suitcases into the vehicle. Packed with the latest technology, people carriers combine style, space and safety to give you an enjoyable trip experience.


    Sutlej Bus 31-39 Seater. We can guarantee you for your best visit with our Sutlej Bus. Sutlej bus booking can be very beneficial to those lager numbers of groups with 31-39 members. Its higher seating position brings better visibility on the road ahead and that will help you to enjoy sightseeing.

    4WD Jeep

    We have 4wd Jeep which is outstanding for family and big groups up to 8 members. For the safety and comfort of our corporate and leisure customers, its interior air filtration makes the vehicle always fresh and healthy and its dual front and dual rear side-mounted airbags and rear height adjustable headrests can maximize your comfort.